African American

I really don't remember when the fire started, but i remember coughing. I could feel someone carrying me to my bedroom window. When I came to I was in the hospital. My parents hadn't been home when the fire started. The investigators found out that the electrical system in the house was the cause.

All I wanted was to find who saved me. How did they know I was there? I didn't have any burns, but I had to stay overnight for observation. of course my parents were devastated. Everything they had worked for was in that house. So many pictures, and unbeknownst to me, a rare family heirloom.

While the doctors were running their tests, I noticed a guy I had never seen before. He was a rich chocolate brown, about six foot two and he looked like God have carved him out of the finest chocolate. He had locs, that he wore just past his shoulders. It was his look of concern that made me look at him. We locked eyes as they checked my blood pressure.

The machine didn't beep, but my doctor noticed the slight rise and looked outside, into the hallway.

"Oh, so that's what got your pressure up. Well he's been here since they brought you in. No one has spoken to him. He's quite stunning. " said the doctor as she removed the cuff.

"Can he come in? I want to ask if he saved me. Did he tell anyone his name?" I asked as I watched Mr. HC. (Hot Chocolate)

"I don't see why not. Why dont you try getting his attention?"

Since I knew he was watching I waved at him. He smiled and my heart jumped. That was odd, but I waved again. This time he stood at my door.

My doctor giggled along with me as we watched HC.

"I'll be back in the morning. The nurses will be on duty, if you need anything, Miss Deveaux, the call button is on your left. " she explained.

" Please, come in. its rude not introduce yourself." I said.

In he came. I could see that he looked tired, His clothes were dingy. He had a thin layer of soot on his clothes. I noticed he cradled a cloak in his lap.

"Was it you? Did you save me from the fire?" I asked.

This time, he spoke. His voice was almost as rich and warm as his coloring.

"Yes, I did. I wasn't supposed to interfere,but there is something about you. I had to save both of you. My name is Jabari Monroe." explained my savior.

I was not the type of girl to get all mushy over some dashing stranger, but this wonderful human man saved me. I have to do something to repay him. I could at least make sure he got a change of clothes, some food and rest. It struck me that he said he wasn't

supposed to interfere.

A nurse came in to check my vitals again. I asked her if they had a change of clothes for my special visitor. The nurse took one look at Jabari and quickly rushed out. She came back carrying some scrubs and a pair of crocs.

"You can take a shower in my bathroom. When I leave in the morning, I want you to come with me. Meet my parents, they will be so grateful." I told him as the nurse put his things down.

Jabari gave me a tired smile and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower go on while the nurse did her check.

The next morning, I was surprised to find Jabari asleep near me on a cot. I didn't know anything about this man but I knew I couldn't be without him. We talked most of the night, answering questions about each other, telling each other our dreams and fantasies, by the time my mom showed up to pick me up, we had decided that we would be together.

Love happened and I never saw it coming, although I still had a lot to find out about Jabari. One thing was what was in his cloak and how could I feel this way about someone who saved my life. Was it just because he saved me or was this more?

* * * *

Today was the day. Jabari and i hadn't separated, we stayed true to our plan. The cloak he had was how he got us out. The thing he had wrapped in it, was a box made of purple cowrie shells. This belonged to my great great great great grandmother. She was a slave, but in her homeland she was royalty. This box was her dowry and it held magic in it. My family came from a long line of female shamans. My parents were going to tell me about our lineage when they got back on the night of the fire.

Jabari was my soulmate, he heard my heart call out to him. I shudder to think what my life would be like if we never met. Out of all of my friends, I was the last one to finally be getting married.

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at myself. I couldn't believe what my makeup artist had done.

I looked like some forgotten queen. My hair had been braided into an updo Bey would have killed for herself. My peanut butter colored skin had been soaked in pure milk and honey.My eyes were lined with gold kohl to show my lineage. I was wearing my grandmothers wedding gown. I was covered in cowrie shells. My gown hugged every curve. I felt amazing. My friends had come from all across the country to celebrate with me.

This would be a day I would never forget. No bride ever forgets her wedding so this would be a day no one would forget. I walked down the isle keeping my eyes on Jabari. He looked so handsome. His suit was all white like mine and his groomsmen wore shells in their cummerbund."White is the color of purity,new beginnings, let us give this couple our love and

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