Elemental Crimson Continent, First Chronicle.

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Fantasy Fiction Friendship

Beyond the India ocean, Ryu Hubuku, Stiery Chinn, and a few other crew members sailed towards an unknown continent. Upon the hopes of treasure and adventurous discovery they soon would find more in store on this unknown continent.

Lost through time, this continent mysteriously rose up from the depths of the southern Indian ocean during the Stone age, around 1156 BCE.

The mysterious continent unknowingly did not stay long and for a brief time some brave souls luckily got to explore and discover wonder on the continent.

After a time, and with no exact date of when, the continent and those brave souls strangely disappeared. Nevertheless, their voyage miraculously had been discovered by other pirates, who made them legends for a short time. Eventually however, their tale curiously got lost similar to that of the continent itself.

Amazingly, I have found this journal from my grandpapa, which has this story written down in it. He claimed the story came from his grandpa and that his grandpa found the story from his and so forth.

The tale reveals a time in the stone age of human race advancement. By the looks of their technology I would notice a familiar middle age society. Furthermore, my opinion on the accuracy of the dates of this story are very debatable.

Nonetheless, Let me share the contents of that story.

Rumors of that continent, from the local pirates of Japan, known as sea people in that era, found its way to Ryu Hubuku, a twenty four year old trapper and occasional fisherman.

Ryu had been looking for work in his town pub when he over heard some pirates jabbering on about a continent, recently arising in the southern part of the Indian ocean.

During that time, Ryu did not find much work and the locals of his town, Munzuko, were currently not in the business for trappers or amateur fisherman.

Most of the locals already trapped the predators eating their livestock themselves and fish became easily available since a one legged pirate decided to set up his fish stall in town.

The one legged pirate had no trouble catching fish for his stall, being a veteran pirate and fisherman, plus secretly hiring a couple of mates from his last crew to catch the fish for him.

Therefore, the news of an undiscovered continent intrigued Ryu's interest. With out hesitation, Ryu silently strolled to a table close by where the pirates discussed their plan on how and when they would venture out towards this undiscovered continent.

" Aye, I am telling you, the continent has just risen not to long ago. Harley told me," a scarred face pirate with a captain hat slapped another scrawny pirates shoulder, "the one you could not beat in drinking, uh Carl." Laughed the scarred face pirate.

Red cheeks producing from embarrassment, the scrawny pirate named Carl fumed at the scarred faced pirate.

"That's not right Burt. He cheated, I know he did. Saying he had to stand up every time so the wine could go down smother. He must have poured out the wine somehow."

"Oh matey, do not be such a sore loser. Besides, we have adventure on our hands."

Telling a waitress, and hoping she would not give him away, he did not want anything to drink Ryu leaned in more to hear the pirate's conversation better. Burt, the scarred face pirate, looked around to see if anyone might be listening, whom did not notice anybody, continued on.

"Like I was saying. Harley told me last, when they sailed the Indian ocean, they almost wrecked their ship one night on a huge cliff that surrounded the whole continent."

"The whole continent? Then how is anybody supposed to get on this continent?" Asked a chubby blonde hair pirate sitting across from Carl that they called Willie.

"Wait, are you sure it is not just some volcanic island which suddenly emerged?" Inquired Carl.

"You two skeptics. Harley mentioned that they found a way up over the cliffs. Vines hang down all the way to the bottom which one could climb up."

"Vines? Are you serious, how high up are these cliffs? Why not harpoon a rope to the dang top?" Sardonically questioned Carl.

Grabbing something out of his pocket, Burt pulled a small, crimson oval stone from it and gently laid it on the table. Ryu's eyes widened when he saw what Burt plucked out of his pocket and while Burt retrieved his hand from covering the stone.

Both Carl and Willie rushed to snatch the stone off the table, licking their lips, but Burt quickly picked up the stone before they could get a hold of it.

"Think those vines are to high now? Plenty more of these scattered all over that continent, and maybe other precious treasure's." Claimed Burt.

"Is that a ruby?" Carl asked excitedly.

Suddenly Ryu jumped out of his chair, dashed out of the pub and headed towards his friends house. Knocking over a few chairs in his wake.

"What is that guy's problem? Chuckled Willie, while he watched Ryu leave.

" Never mind him. We need to get a crew and set sail for this new continent." Advised Burt.

Next, Burt handed Carl some rolled up flyers from inside his coat pocket. Pointing at both Carl and Willie as he warned them selfishly.

"Do not mess this up you two. I want both of you to be discreet and make it look like we are just going on a regular pillage. Got it! I do not want everybody trying to venture off to my treasure."

Evening approaching, Carl and Willie nailed up flyer’s all around the town of Munzuko all day, while Burt interviewed some want to be pirates in the town pub. Earlier, Ryu made it to his friends house whom invited him gleamingly.

“ Ryu, glad you came over today, I want you to tell me how this looks on me.”

“Stiery, you can not believe what I over heard today.” Ryu reported as he frantically grabbed her shoulders when he ran inside her house towards her.

Stiery Chinn had been trying on different dancing masks in her bedroom for the local Munzuko town dance, traditionally held every year.

“You think this is too green?” She asked Ryu.

“Green? What, no it was not green it looked red.

 What are you talking about?” Ryu confusingly asked rubbing his forehead.

“ The mask silly. I want to know if it is appropriate for the dance.” Stiery said looking at Ryu concerned.

Ryu started to pace back and forth in Stiery’s bedroom overwhelmed with excitement. Ryu at that moment began grabbing Stiery’s clothes in her closet and hastily folding them, murmuring to himself uncontrollably, not noticing Stiery’s dumbfounded expression.

“lets see we need rations, a few days clothes, and of course a ship. So much to do as to be prepared.”

Stiery abruptly stopped trying on her masks for the dance and watched Ryu throw her clothes on her bed wildly.

“What are you doing Ryu? Stiery asked in a scared tone.

Ryu paused for a moment and stared at Stiery. Quickly he started thrusting her bed mattress over and seized a small wooden chest. Stiery swiftly jumped on top of Ryu and began yelling at him while she hit his face with her dancing mask.

“Ryu! That is my life savings, how dare you steal from me, and right in front of me. What has gotten into you?”

Blocking the blows Stiery had been making with her mask Ryu tried to calm her down so he could explain.

“Stop! Stiery I am not stealing from you. I told you I over heard some pirates talking about a new continent, that has rubies. You hear me Stiery, Rubies!”

Climbing down off Ryu and calming down Stiery looked at him seriously. She tilted her head and asked doubtfully.

“What new continent? You are stealing my money for a new continent, and rubies? Where are these rubies?”

“I know right. We can finally not worry about money anymore. We will be rich Stiery!” Enthusiastically said Ryu, not actually hearing Stiery’s uncertainty.

“Ryu, you are making no sense, will you please tell me what is going on.” Stiery pleaded irritably.

Just then they heard hammering coming from outside. Carl the scrawny pirate was in the process of hammering a poster on the outside wall of Stiery’s home. Ryu quickly went outside and saw Carl walking off in the direction of the next house as he just completed nailing up the poster. Eying the poster Ryu grabbed Stiery’s hand, escorting her to the pub whilst she gasped and fought to escape his tight grip on her hand.

“Come with me Stiery. I’ll show you what I am talking about.”

“Ryu your hurting me. Let go!” Stiery shouted but Ryu had no intention of listening.

Reaching the town pub Ryu and Stiery entered and saw a bunch of people lined up in front of Burt the scarred face pirate. Stiery still tried to free her hand from Ryu’s clutches. However, Ryu held on tighter, and then he hushed her, but head gestured towards Burt and the lined up people. Stiery, who did trust Ryu, decided to stop trying to get away, looked over at Burt and the crowd.

“Shhhh, listen.” Ryu whispered.

Burt had a unique way to interview new crew mates. A simple display of who would be greedy or not. He tested each in turn as to determine whom might be to greedy in his employment. Placing money and a gold watch on his left, Burt watched to see who eyed the money and gold watch more than looking him in the eye. No pirate can be more pirate than him on his crew he believed. How could he have all the loot if they were.

“Why do you want to join my crew? Officially asked Burt towards a old grey haired man.

“Well sir, as you can see I am not getting any younger and I always wanted to see the wonders the world has to offer.” Smiled the old grey hair man, shaking and leaning on a wooden cane that barely held him up.

“Hired!” Announced Burt with no expression on his face.

“Really! Oh bless you sir.” The old man replied in disbelief.

“Yes your hired. My ship is out at the docks with the black tiger emblem on the flag. Once there start stacking the 50lbs sacks of flour, sugar, and vegetables down into the lower decks. You will see a sign that tells you were they need to be stacked. Next!” Burt ordered.

Stiery could not help to snigger when she heard and watched the proceeding interview comically held by Burt. Ryu giving her a look to stop laughing.

“Does he not know that poor old man can barely hold his on weight up?”

“I think he is more worried about who might steal his loot than the condition they are in.” Explained Ryu.

“Then why hire anyone at all?” Observantly questioned Stiery.

Squeezing Stiery’s hand tighter Ryu had just got an idea. He ushered Stiery to a corner of the pub, told her of his scheme and Stiery listened curiously. Once in the corner Ryu let go of her hand finally as he noticed her looking down at it.

“ Sorry, but we can not get to that continent if we do not have a ship right? Well here is our ticket. We need to convince that pirate to let us join his crew. We need to get on that ship.”

“Have you totally lost your mind Ryu. I am not about to get on that ship with that selfish pirate.” Pouted Stiery and she gave Ryu a stern look.

Ryu put his hands together, puckered his lips and begged Stiery to reconsider his plan. He tried to explain to her the importance of this journey in the most cunning words that he knew. Stiery stayed stubborn on her decision at the moment.

“Rubies Stiery, and probably other gems. How can we ignore this opportunity? Imagine all the dancing masks, dresses and jewelry you could buy and have.”

“Enough Ryu! You think we need all that stuff? We are fine here comfortable in our small town and home. Are you not happy here?”

Ryu sighed but then got upset, “I never said I was not happy here, I just have no work…no adventure in my life. My life is going no where here.”

“You really want to go don’t you?” Asked Stiery caringly.

Head bowed Ryu nodded his head yes. Stiery breathed heavily in, shook her own head, put her hand on his chin and pushed it up so she could see his eyes.

“Fine, you want to go that badly then go ahead. Whom am I to stop you.”

Unexpectedly Ryu hugged Stiery and smiled excitably, and Stiery hugged Ryu back. Stiery and Ryu had been friends for ten years and they had a magical bond in which both were aware but ignored it out of fear they may destroy their friendship.

“I want you to come with me Stiery. Think I want to experience this adventure on my own?”

“I don’t know Ryu, I believe this is your thing not mine. I have my dancing and…,”

“Nonsense, you want to go as much as I do. You love this place but you know your bored out of your mind, admit it.”

Stiery rolled her eyes and smiled, “yes, your right. Ok I’ll come. Got to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”

Happy, Ryu told Stiery to wait at the pubs bar while he went over and negotiated with Burt the scarred pirate to let them join his crew.

 After a long and tedious argument between Ryu and Burt, terms were met and Burt agreed to let Stiery and Ryu come aboard his ship. On one condition that Ryu and Stiery better be one of the bests chiefs in this part of the country as he claimed.

“Come on how bad can it be? Throw some veggies in the pot, let it boil and voila.” Arrogantly said Ryu.

“Not as simple as you think. Ryu, he is expecting us to create master chief cuisines. I can cook but I am not that good, could you not think of another way to get him to let us join?”

Ryu had been trying to pack his backpack with trouble while Stiery came over in intervals absentmindedly to help.

“Well, he noticed me eying his money so when I saw the waitress walk by with food on her tray I hurriedly said the first thing I could think of.”

“Chief, that was the first thing that popped in your head?” Shook Stiery’s head.

“He let us on the ship did he not? Will make it work, I promise it will be ok.” Reassured Ryu.

The remainder of the night Ryu and Stiery packed their backpacks and afterwards went to sleep to get a head start the next morning seeing as they had to cook breakfast for the whole crew. Ryu slept on Stiery’s floor so she could wake him to make sure he would be on time. Ryu had a bad habit of being late to, well mostly everything.

Morning came punctually as usual the next day and Ryu and Stiery were already on the ship cooking a very messy breakfast for all their newly ship mates. Burt tapping his utensils on the table and demanding for them to hurry up.

“Where is my breakfast?”

“Yes, I do not want to die before I eat.” Complained the grey hair old man and looking weaker now from all the work Burt had put him through yesterday.

“Almost done!” Ryu blurted out from the ships now unsafe kitchen.

Ryu managed to use every pot and pan while Stiery scolded him for dirtying and tossing them on the ground instead of putting them in the wash.

At the dinner table Carl, Willie and two other crew members, one middle aged the second in his teens, began singing to pass the time waiting.

Needless to say, Ryu and Stiery pulled off breakfast with a somewhat satisfied crew, but Burt said he could not see why they were one of the best chiefs but congratulated them just the same.

Before long the ship set sailed towards the new continent, Burt unaware that Ryu and Stiery knew about it and was the place they were headed. Ryu and Stiery stayed mostly in the kitchen, Ryu doing most of the cleaning since he made most of the mess. An adrenaline rush came over Ryu as he hugged Stiery again and Stiery glowing.

“We did it Stiery. We are going to the continent. You have no idea how happy I am right now.”

Stiery shared Ryu’s excitement but told him he better start pulling his weight in the kitchen or she will make him do it all from now on. Ryu agreed and the journey to the new undiscovered continent begun.

End of the first chronicle.

August 21, 2021 03:10

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Alex B. Tomsett
21:48 Sep 01, 2021

Nice work, you've definitely laid out an intriguing idea and this is an exciting world you've created :) Choose your words carefully, words like "unknowingly" and "gleamingly" don't seem to fit. It would help you to work on "showing" rather than "telling" - there are some great YouTube videos and other articles on this. I'm looking forward to part two, keep writing!! :)


Brian Rains
12:59 Sep 02, 2021

Thank you for feedback. Yes, sometimes I have to fight to not put a word in my stories I think sounds right to me. I forget this is for everyone to read not just me. A battle still going on =). Thank you again.


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Mustang Patty
10:04 Aug 29, 2021

Hi there, You certainly did a great job with this prompt, and the story worked well. In the first paragraph, you refer to the Indian ocean as the India ocean. These are the kind of details you need to research when writing a story for submission somewhere. I think that the one thing that you need to concentrate on is that EVERY word, EVERY sentence, and EVERY paragraph needs to contribute to the story and its purpose. I found some of your quotes to be going nowhere. Thank you for sharing, ~MP~


Brian Rains
14:23 Aug 29, 2021

Thank you for commenting on my prompt. Though you think you have it perfect, it seems you always over look the little details. Thank you for noticing this, I will pay more attention to details in the future. This was a fun write and I enjoyed it.


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