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Friendship Fiction Romance

The clock ticked as I sat tapping my pen on the desk. The blonde girl ahead of me, generally not the nicest, turned around in a scowl. Quickly I stopped my pen tapping but returned back to it in less than 5 seconds. It was clear to everyone in the classroom, I was the most nervous out of everyone. The test fluttered across my desk and I couldn't help but glance at the grade. I sucked in a breath.

It was true, I crammed in everything the night before - but I was beginning to realize the huge mistake.

With little sleep, short-term memory set in, and generally wear-worn eyes, my test was just the beginning.

While everyone around me celebrated, I was in mourning. But it didn’t take me very long to realize that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t alone. 

Our college classroom was situated directly to the side of another classroom. The front of the room was full of clear glass windows to see the students walk by. The classroom across had windows situated to the side. Maybe it was because we were on the top floor, but it didn’t matter.

Because someone else across the hallway, directly in the other room, was staring at me.

I’m not one for noticing the details in life, but I noticed him. 

So I smiled.

Finally, I tapped my pen and began to write a poem. 

My left hand brushed the paper and the ink glossed onto the paper waiting for the masterpiece to kick in.

The title was the best part to write first in a poem or story first. The title determined the rest of what it was about. 


Then I began the next part - generally harder. The words seemed to flow right from under the pen. The shimmering glossy letters tucked inside the pen seemed to gush out the more I wrote.

You see the world in a different light

The rhythm began to seep in.

So brighter than the dark of night

Then I was beginning to get the hang of it.

But when you speak, one can truly see

And I saw that writing a poem wasn’t so hard. 

How beautiful life can be.

My pen finally stopped. I looked back at the words. This was my poem:

You see the world in a different light,

So brighter than the dark of night

But when you speak, one can truly see

How beautiful life can be.

The poem wasn’t about the boy, but he did inspire me to tap my pen out on paper. And for that, I’m grateful.

Then I looked back up. He was gone - the boy in the glass window disappeared. I guess the class session ended earlier than expected.

Just I exited the doors, he was talking to someone while holding a bright yellow folder. Paper was sticking out from both sides of what seemed to look like drawings. 

As I walked by, a slip of paper fell from his folder landing at my feet.

“Um, you dropped something,” I said while picking up the slip of paper.

The paper had a drawing of an app but his handwriting surrounding it was too sloppy to decipher. 

He looked behind and his eyes widened, “Don’t look at that!” 

I shrugged, “I think it looks nice.”

He frowned, “Really?”

I nodded, “Based on your outline, I think you should try to focus on one goal of the app rather than multiple things - you’ll get it done more efficiently.” 

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Emily,” I replied.

He smiled, “My name is Lucas. Do you want to hang out sometime?”

I couldn’t help but grin, “Yeah, sure. If you ever need help on the app, I’m here.” 

Lucas nodded thoughtfully, “How about this afternoon? We can meet in the library.”

“Sure.” I tried responding as calmly as possible. It wasn’t every day the guy you liked - asked you to hang out just because you said something about an app.

About an hour later, I showed up at the library. Lucas was already there scribbling away at his journal.

“Hey,” I waited for a response.

“Oh, hey! So I’m thinking, what do you think of this idea for the app?”

I looked down at the paper seeing an outline of an app that looked like the world.

“What is it?” I asked.

He smiled all excitedly. “This is what I call: Globe.” Globe is basically for students - it allows you to connect throughout the world, but most importantly, it streamlines your school information based on what classes your taking.”

“Wait, wait. I’m still confused.”

Lucas rolled his eyes, “You have classes in all different subjects right?”

I nodded.

“What if, from the classes you’re taking, the information is already out there from previous students.”


“All the subjects you struggle with, the homework guides, study guides, and test guides, and answers would all be in this app.”

“Ohhh, I see,” I paused, “But what’s the catch?”

“All I need is the information for each of the classes.”

My eyes widened, “That would be a lot of work.”

“But I already have English done, I need the rest of the classes.”

Throughout the next 4 months, we met after class and worked on this project. For one, I wanted to help and his company was enjoyable.

But then, after we had almost finished finding previous students and asked teachers all of our questions, something big happened.

“Emily,” my teacher from computer science called on me one day after class, “I need to talk to you.”

I nodded, “Yes?”

“You’ve been making an app I’ve heard from your peers. Can you tell me about it?” He seemed very interested so I decided to tell him.

“Well, basically, you log in your information where it pulls up your location and you choose the school you’re going to. Then, based on the classes your taking, it pulls up resources like study guides and other things as well.” All I hoped was to explain the app to the best of my ability.

He seemed enthralled, “There’s a contest coming up to see who created the best app. Would you like to showcase your creation?” 

I nodded, “Oh, yes!”

He smiled, “Good, I think you have a chance at winning the thousand dollars.”

At that, my heart skipped a beat. “A-a thousand dollars?”

“Yes, I do believe I said that. Since you are the creator, and you can’t have two creators win the same money, then you are in luck for being the only one working on this project.”

He smiled before turning away.

What would I say? Would I tell him?

“Wait!” I called after him.

He turned around, “Yes Emily? You could win this money for yourself and your future. I would seriously consider it”

“I know, but-”

He shook his head, “Think on it.”

By Aubrey Maria

February 23, 2021 02:45

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Mercy Ineke
21:08 Nov 18, 2021

So amazing You are so talented.


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