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Last updated on May 04, 2022

Editing services... from actual book editors

Take your writing to the next level with expert editing services from Reedsy’s vetted professionals. Where other services will pair you with random editors in their organization, Reedsy lets you choose your own editors and see their credentials before you commit to working with them.

Meet Reedsy’s publishing professionals and enjoy world-class editing services

When it comes to giving your book the best possible chance to land in the laps of an adoring reader, nothing beats the guidance of a professional with actual experience in the publishing industry. While Reedsy is home to thousands of editors, we accept fewer than one in twenty applications from freelancers, ensuring that authors will find only the most qualified professionals, to match any budget.

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How to get your book edited with Reedsy

Unlike countless other sites offering editing services, Reedsy offers greater transparency and personal treatment. When you get your book edited, you don’t just pay a set fee and send your manuscript to a faceless figure in the void. With your free Reedsy account, you can browse thousands of freelancers — many of whom come from Big 5 publishers.

At any time, you can contact up to five editors for a quote that’s tailored to your book's specific needs. Once you agree on terms and a timeline, you’ll start working on a quality edit of your manuscript using the many communication and editing tools available to Reedsy members.

What are writers saying about Reedsy's editing services?

"I felt like I was working with real professionals, not folks just trying to take advantage of an amateur writer."

"There's no other site like Reedsy. It's becoming the Amazon of services in the writing world. There's an amazing abundance of seasoned industry professionals you can't find anywhere else."

"Reedsy gave me a sense of security when everything else about indie publishing felt like complete chaos."

What types of editing services does Reedsy offer?

Whether you’re looking for copy editing, proofreading, or an editor who can read your book in a Word document and tell you where you’re going wrong, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Reedsy. Below are a few of the most popular editing options.

Developmental Editing

This is the choice that most authors start with. It involves the editor providing guidance and feedback on ‘big picture’ issues such as structure, pacing, characterization, and plot (for fiction) — as well as marketability. With the developmental editing service, you can expect:

  • A detailed editorial letter with an analysis of your manuscript and specific suggestions for revision.
  • An annotated copy of your manuscript that contains specific notes and edits.

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Copy Editing

A popular choice for authors who are satisfied with the structure and content of their manuscript — and are ready to use their editing time perfecting the language to best convey their ideas and captivate their readers. With copy editing, you can expect:

  • A copy-edited version of your manuscript in a Word document with tracked changes so you can identify where edits were made.
  • A style sheet listing all standard spellings and formatting, which can later be referenced by proofreaders.

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The final stage of the editorial process, giving authors the best chance of publishing a book with high-quality, error-free writing. With proofreading, you can expect:

  • A final manuscript that has been meticulously proofread and corrected to professional publishing standards.

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Editorial Assessments

Think of this as ‘Development Editing Lite’ — the right choice if you’re not ready to commit to a full developmental edit. The editor will still provide feedback and suggestions, only they won’t edit the manuscript directly. With an editorial assessment, you can expect:

  • A detailed editorial letter with an analysis of your manuscript and specific suggestions for revision.

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What are the costs of editing services on Reedsy?

Not all manuscripts are the same — and neither are all editors or the services they provide. However, using thousands of quotes pulled from the Reedsy database (and adjusted for inflation) we are able to provide average rates for each major editorial service:

Type of work Price per word
Editorial Assessment $0.020
Content / Developmental Editing $0.028
Copy Editing $0.021
Proofreading $0.015
Copy Editing + Proofreading $0.022

Please note: these numbers are averages. They do not include picture books and graphic novels, which, due to their low word-count, will naturally have a much higher per-word editing rate.  

For a more accurate estimate of your editing costs (and your potential design costs), take a few minutes to complete this quiz:


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Can Reedsy work in other languages?

Currently, Reedsy only provides editorial services in the English language. This may change in the future, so watch this space!

Can I get my term papers and dissertations edited and proofread?

Reedsy's editing service caters to authors. The freelance professionals on our platform have experience in the publishing business. For that reason, they rarely accept requests to edit dissertations, term papers, or academic texts that are not intended for commercial publication. However, some of our academic and reference nonfiction editors might be open to editing other projects, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them for a quote!

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