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Young Author📝 I never officially said i was taking a break but I haven't been on reedsy in MONTHS. but im finally back nowwww:))) I've got big dreams and an active imagination🥰❤️ I follow back, and I will only be spreading love and positivity💜 Guess the movie /book and I’ll change it 👩‍👧----> 👩🏻😵🐶👧🏻=😭 👧🏻=👩🏻‍🦰👗👠👛🐶 👩‍🦳🔪👩🏻 👩🏻‍🦰=😡🚗🐶 👩‍🦳=🤰🏼->👩🏻‍🦰 (this one may be hard) Leaderboard Nainkia Gupta- 1 pt Allie Ray Sakry- 1 pt Every book series of mine so far (2): Forbidden Aldoria (2 parts) A bullied teenager with a love for books goes to the library and finds a mysterious book that changes her life. World of Tomorrow series (horror/teen romance series) (2 parts) In the town of Granite, Indiana millions of people go missing or die-especially while at Granite’s Circus of Never-ending Fun! A group of young teens are tormented by a man eating, shapeshifting circus clown with the ability to get inside your mind (the cause for the missing peoples). With teamwork, they must work together to find out how to stop it before more people go missing. Song of the day- the champion -carrie underwood Some things about me Name- Zoey Hailey She/her Grade and Age: 13, 8th Grade. I know I'm not that old, but please just make sure to read my stories before judging who I am as a person based only on the year I was chosen to be born. Do not take this message as hateful or rude, I just wish people would take me seriously, because writing is my life, and age really shouldn't cause any discrimination against me. I love you all.❤️ Hp house: Hufflepuff💛🖤 Fav Genres to Write: ANY type of Romance, Crime/Thrillers, Dystopian novels, and Horror Stories Zodiac sign: Libra♎️ Favorite Movie: Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, or Cruella Favorite Book: Harry Potter Favorite Artist: Olivia Rodrigo or Billie Eilish Favorite Animal:🦒 Fav Color: Purple Lucky Number-10 And I live in Utah, USA Pet Peeves/Things That I Hate The number 9 (It's so close to 10 and yet so far away) The whole room staring at me (I'm really introverted) The feel of erasers Nails on a chalkboard (of course) People who are rude for no reason Group Chats Some Friends That Inspire Me (on this website) Nainika Gupta- Girllll may have just met, but you're a really good, kind, fun, talented person and I really look up to you. Keep writing! Juan Valdivia- I’ve only spoken with you a few times, but you have already been so kind to me while reading my works, which I really appreciate! I think that you are soo clever, talented and a creative yourself, and I’m exited to see what you will write next:))) Ivy Hatherall- We too have only spoken a few times, but you are always so sweet whenever you comment on one of my stories. You also always give me the best advice, and I can’t wait to read some of your stories💜 山.w. S𝓀y฿elle- We both share a love for the wonderful tv show Avatar and the incredible Percy Jackson, and this girl is one of the best writers out there! I think that you are very talented, and you have lots of potential as a writer. love you!! ALL of my Followers- Thank you for following me!! I feel that you thirty seven wonderful people are really going to help me become something big someday. Love you all! EEK just 2 more followers and I’ll have THIRTY followers!!! Thank you guys so much!!! Oh, if you follow me and there’s a digit ending in 9, please make sure to tell someone else about my account. If you haven’t read the rest of my bio, I hate the number 9 bc it’s so close yet so far away from 10, which is my lucky number XD If you have decided to read all the way to the bottom, comment 🦄 on one of my stories:) Count-9 Total🦄s-976