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First things first: If you're curious about how I got so many points off three stories: I didn't. I had like eight or nine more before something I refer to as "The Glitch" *dan dan daaan* happened, where I lost all my older stories and comments. If there's a particular older piece of mine you're in the mood to read, then drop me a comment and I will make you a quiz with that story in it. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 Reedsy Stuff: 1. I appreciate critique on my stories. After all, it helps me become a better writer. Any comments with constructive criticism are much appreciated! 2. Do NOT comment on my stories with fake praise and then ask me to read yours. I would be happy to read your stories, but don't pretend to care about mine just to promote yours. 3. Please don't feel obligated to upvote me or like my stories :-) Just here to read, write and generally improve as a writer. 4. The best authors to follow (in my opinion) are: 🌈Aerin B. (Rainbow Quadwrirate, PUBLISHED A BOOK CALLED COLOR QUEST GO BUY IT NOW, and generally fun!) 🌈Zilla Babbitt (Awesome at critique and a prodigious writer) 🌈Rhondalise Mitza (Literally one of the best poets I've ever had the pleasure to read the work of, THE CREATOR OF THE PIRATE CREW and a great person to talk to) 🌈Cara Mccarthy (Comedy Queen, literally the most hilarious person ever) 🌈Amany (Swimmer and Fanfic MASTER, Creator of Reo and loves yellow!) 🌈Orenda (Loves horror, Marvel and is an absolutely amazing person to talk to!) 🌈Charles Stucker (Brilliant critique-giver, ROCKET-FRICKIN'-SCIENTIST and very, VERY helpful) Go follow them all! They're all prolific writers.