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Hi! My name is Vaibhavi Jha, I don't have much experience as a writer and I hope to learn more about writing in different styles through these prompts and contests. My first story is "The Oddest Of All Planets; Earth", which is a story here you look at Earth from the perspective of a Plutonian. I would really appreciate feedback on this! I also published a book on Kindle named "A Letter From M.M". Here is the synopsis: "It was a slow morning, the world renowned, 21-year-old, detective, Rosalie Rylie was sitting in her office. Suddenly she was informed that a corpse was found in the city mall. Around the same time, a young thief named Hunter Hudson received a letter from a certain M.M that told her to meet at a casino. Is it dangerous? Could it be a trap? There’s only one way to find out, by meeting this mysterious M.M…" My author name is the same so please check it out!