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I live in a suburb north of Atlanta with my wife and 11-year-old son. I am a writer who enjoys experimenting with different forms of storytelling. Some of my stories are stand-alone, while others are part of a larger series. The stories that continue one another, but could also be read as stand-alone, are the following: 1. Sunk and Found 2. Touching His Face 3. The Passover Sheep 4. The Final Hour 5. In the Wake of the Cake 6. The Souvenir Button 7. Lessons Etched in Time 8. The art of remembering 9. Town of Whispers 10. Ripples of a Rally 11. Life after Charleston 12. Boxes of Betrayal, Battles of Unity 13. Lingering Legacies (in two parts) 14. Embracing Emily 15. The Road to Cumming 16. Twins of Fate 17. Wings in the Inbox 18. One Last Evening in Charlestino 19. Evelyn I hope you enjoy my stories!

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