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Jenny the Penny on Vocal, check it out (the reads will help with judging). Trying something new. A destination for my stories when I think they are ready. Some of my old stories I deleted before Christmas are now here also. I am currently using all of you as Beta readers. I will not apologise as you are excellent at it. Most of my entries here are going to be for other competitions or places. I will only post here if it is allowed within the rules of the competition. That means i will delete perfectly good stories when I am satisfied with them. I will repost them at a later date if a prompt fits. I am 43 years of age. I am posting here to get feedback. So let me know what you think as I will usually be just testing out ideas. Comments after submission will be gratefully received. More often than not the finished piece is still unpolished. I have been carrying on work on them afterwards. Please only comment to tell me what is good or bad. I have an unusual process I build the story first so if something very new is posted it will be stiff, I then rework it into something a little more pliable. Thank you and have an awesome day. Two great writers to check out here David Gottfried Ray Dyer