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Last name "Manticore," first name "The". We are an eloquence of writers from Arkansas, Central Texas, East Texas, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Favorite authors include Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Oscar Wilde, Brandon Sanderson, and Edgar Allan Poe. Trying to mush, It all together, And worrying, About the weather, Balancing four moods, Instead of one, Community writing, Is fun fun fun! 😴😷👾🌻 The Manticore has written the following stories: "Darius: Eccentric and McDonald's Eater Extraordinaire" A teen walks through Ottawa Falls Trail to collect an inheritance from his crazy actor uncle. "🌻Keep Me Steady🌻" A young backup dancer makes friends and drinks mochis with the mean girl, who needs to break up with her boyfriend, after a catastrophic injury. "The Box" A quirky bookseller joins a meeting of grieving people at her favorite place in the world, the museum where she and her best friend bonded. "Warmest Hearts ❤️" Two cute old folks watch movies together in the near future, where the globe has become colder rather than warmer. "A Villain Arrives at Vorotyntsev Station" A heroic-looking villain argues with a villainous-looking hero in the only park in town. "Mythology" A girl realizes the harpies she reads about for fun are not just old myths after all -- her mother's one. "En Mission" A tragedy told from three different perspectives, with each character finding and dealing with grief in their own way. 🤩🦋❤️🌻 Let's see how long this lasts. PSA: the mad hatter has cute teeth and we need a better PR team. Here is an link if you're interested in joining us, let us know and we shall review your application!