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Sept/Oct/Nov are going to be busy for me (and I'm getting married in November) so if I don't respond to your comments or read your stories right away, don't worry I haven't forgotten :) *I'm a sucker for twist endings - if your story has one, I'd love to read it* My favourite genres to write are sci-fi and horror (and sometimes I dabble in fantasy). I also have a blog where I write about film/tv and my geeky lifestyle. I've been trying to make a career out of writing since finishing my master's but kept taking unfulfilling office administration jobs to pay the bills. Lost my job thanks to the way my work reacted to COVID, so I'm taking this time to get back to my writing and put some hard work into personal improvement and following through with my career goals. Looking forward to getting some great inspiration from the Reedsy Prompts. Off to a great start so far!