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I am just a girl that has always loved to escape into the world of a good book, as well as to create my own worlds to escape into. I am sarcastic, silly, and I need to laugh multiple times a day. I have always kept my stories to myself and only ever written snippets, keeping most of them in my head. Lately, I have felt an overwhelming urge to start putting my stories in writing and as a result have decided to explore my passion for creative writing further and begin sharing my stories with others. Eventually I would love to write full time but for now, it is only something I can do in my spare time. Outside of reading and writing I enjoy listening to music, cooking, WWE, AEW, Impractical Jokers, and playing The SIMS. I reside is a small rural area with my amazing husband, my 16 year old son, my mom, and our ferocious pack of senior beagles, moms mini dachshund that thinks he’s one of the beagles too. I write under a pen name as I am not sure I am ready just yet to intertwine my personal/private life into my writing life as I begin this journey. I welcome any and all feedback along the way!