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To visit and explore far-flung worlds is a unique treasure, unmatched by any other pleasure. Spencer Steeves has always clung to this belief and wondered if writers were simply the lucky few able to glimpse worlds beyond the ken of regular mortals. Fueled at first by the works of authors such as Brandon Mull, John Flanagan, and Lisa McMann, Spencer's mind began to glimpse new worlds at a young age. Living in a small Connecticut town where there wasn't often much to do, he'd retreat to his backyard, where he kept sticks and tree branches in all sorts of odd shapes. In his free time, he'd pretend these were magical medieval weapons and monsters. He hosted grand tournaments of warriors and battles between creatures, both mighty and small. As he grew older, though, he started delving into new ways to express his creativity. What started as a fan-fiction with an original team exploring the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, soon blossomed into stories about worlds all his own. He dabbled with several different stories, creating the basis of several tales that he's working on to this day. But it all culminated in his first year of college when he decided to expand upon an intriguing universe he'd used for a board game in a high school game design class. Inspiration struck, and he wrote every day for a month, spending every free moment between and after classes in the computer lab. By the end of that month, the first draft of his first published novel, *Everything Under the Sun* lay before him. Since then, he's continued to work at new ideas, discovering a variety of new lands on the planets of Keylis and Terranae Chit'l, and he has no plans to stop exploring any time soon.