Souvik Das

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Alright! Let's talk about me.  Umm, it just feels like a cringe process to describe me, but I'd still give it a go. I am from India. Never travelled abroad, but looking forward to it. Been doing every stuff related to 'writing' since when I was in junior high. Along with writing and its derivatives, painting and theatre also seem to have my divided interests. Sometimes I think, I am not a deserving candidate for Artwork. I AM NOT AN ARTIST, I am a Craftsman. I craft words, lines and dots. That's it, I love doing these in synergy.  Besides that, my personal life is a mess. No, no... it's beyond that, my life is a metaphor for what is being known as existential nihilism. Oftentimes, I feel good about this misery that surrounds my life and I don't think it does me any harm. I don't call it a LIFE anymore, where there's nothing lively to witness. It's a cold blizzard if you put it that way.  Anyways, I love interacting with new people. It may be because of how therapeutic the process is. Yeah, you've guessed it, I am an extrovert for the exact reason. I like reading historically and politically controversial books. I aspire to be a film director one day. I think movies are a fantastic way of conveying emotions without the problem of having a language barrier. It's a smooth road of joy and content. I might be an incompetent soul, but I am a good friend. I love sarcasm, given the fact, I also have a great sense of humour.  Nonetheless, I look forward to writing more stuff here. See ya around.