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*It was my birthday yesterday!!* *Oh also: I'm not sure if you guys know this but Evelyn⭐️ is a writer on Reedsy. My sister Zethra is friends with her and Evelyn wants to tell everyone she is taking a small break from Reedsy. She and her family are moving back to Australia and they have been very busy. But definitely still go read her stories!!* Hey everyone!! My name's Sihia! I am an 18-year-old girl from Michigan. I like to play basketball and dance in my free time. I am a beginner writer so take it easy on me!! I have eight siblings (I know that's A LOT). I am second. Kiera- 22 Sihia- 19 Brian- 17 Cam- 14 Zethra- 12 Nyle-12 Eliana- 10 Mikayla- 8 Tate- 6 It can be kinda crazy at times with so many people in the house, but I love it!! We adopted Zethra and Nyle about 10 years ago from Africa. They are twins I am in my last year of high school! But I've already committed to a college called Holy Cross. I was recruited for Basketball. My profile picture: As you may have noticed my profile picture is a dog. Her name is Sunrise. She's a rescue dog that we got when we took a trip to California last year. She's currently two years old and doing great!! I hope this wasn't too long and if you don't like my stories definitely go check out Brooke D's, her stories are amazing!!