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READ EVERYTHING! I am Shaylynn Skinner I am a young writer, but I love writing and Spanish. My favorite genre is horror so, if you write a scary story leave me a comment and I'll be sure to read it! I am here to make friends and read amazing stories. If you have any critics, please DO leave a comment! =) Favorite music artists: Twenty-one pilots Tom MacDonald Ariana Grande NF Tate Mcrae I have a Spotify I listen to daily if you want to check it out: Mi Música! I promise all of the songs are in English XD! .....................Maybe follow me? I will definitely follow back. =) Favorite TV shows: ICarly The Walking Dead That's So Raven Raven's Home Favorite Book Auther: R.L.Stine If you like and comment on my most recent story, I will like all of your stories and comment on your most recent! =) Things to comment LOL: Any question- nothing to personal Ask for a dare or dare me