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*Currently on hiatus. I love world-building. As a concept artist, I've made components of fictional worlds for the stories of others. Now, I create stories of my own. I welcome you to my worlds. ---- For each of my stories, scroll down to the bottom of the comments to see my author's notes. ---- If you ask me to review your stories, I will give you a detailed feedback. I can comment on the plot and point out any inconsistencies and logical flaws, as well as give advice in world-building. β€”β€”β€”β€” On the other hand, I would be extremely grateful if you can leave reviews on my stories. Feel free to be as harsh as you want. For example, you can say: - This part of the plot makes no sense. - This part contradicts that part. - You're assuming the reader knows what X is. - This part is boring I skim through it. And etc.