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Hello, I'm Ruth. Nice to meet you! :) Thanks for reading my work, and have a great September day. :) p.s. This is a random list of my favorite things: Teaching, reading, writing, and walking. (I also love any kind of good movie or t.v. show.) Currently, my favorite t.v. show is: 'Ted Lasso'. Writing, (particularly character development) acting, and directing are all superb. I am currently working on: My day job. (I write part-time, and am now working full-time.) Other misc. info: My cat is a person. :) I believe this to be true because I politely asked her to pee inside her litter box, and not on a bag of clothing. Next, George listened carefully, trotted to the litter box, and promptly peed inside. (She is the best cat I have ever had.) If I could choose a random place and time to live in: America in the '90s. (I'd like to go back to when I was a teen, so that I could fully enjoy being young in a Trump-free, COVID-free universe.) Alternately, I would love to go back to a time when there were no humans in the woods of Ohio, and I would build myself a cabin. (Ah, the quiet.) I am currently reading: Reedsy friends' work, and my students' work. (Or, my current fave book to teach 7 and 8th grade: "The Outsiders".) Catch you later, and have a great day, Ruth