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Hello, I'm Ruth. Nice to meet you! :) Thank you for reading my work. My contact email is: Additional info about me: (in list form) My favorite things to do: Teaching, reading, writing, and working on revising short stories. (that I already published on Reedsy) Next, I enjoy watching t.v. shows/movies, and running. In writing, I am currently working on: Revising my Reedsy work, and doing new short stories. (I've got a novel brewing, but I think the writing of it will have to wait till July.) I am currently reading: 1. Reedsy friends' work 2. George Orwell and Sophie Kinsella (In fiction, I ready anything that strikes my fancy.) 3. My students' fiction writing I am currently watching: 1. Little Women (the Korean drama, and not the film versions) I greatly admire the plotting of this show. 2. More K-dramas. (LOL! Again, I greatly admire the plotting and characters in the recent K-dramas I've watched.) Check out 'Crash landing on you' for a well-plotted, character driven show. (As an additional treat, the dialogue is superb.) 3. 'Nailed it!' (This show makes me laugh.) Personal philosophy: "If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain." (Emily Dickinson) My favorite writers: There are so many. (I love reading and writing.) Off the top of my head, S. King, Poe, Hawthorne, Flannery O'Connor, Margaret Atwood, Harper Lee, Truman Capote, Fannie Flagg, F. Scott Fitzgerald, O. Henry, Rod Serling, Richard Matheson, Hemingway, Jane Austen, Dickens, and many more. (Basically, I read/write any kind of story, as long as I enjoy the process.) Many thanks, and have a great day, Ruth p.s. In revising my short stories, I am currently looking for an editor. If you would like to do an editing exchange, (where you edit my published Reedsy stories, and I edit your published Reedsy stories) drop me a line at my email address. Many thanks, and have a great day, Ruth