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Hi, I am a retired English teacher, living with my wife in the High Sierra. Besides short stories (lately) I have mainly written YA fiction and one romance/mystery. My trilogy "Dragon's Tooth" can be found on Amazon. So far, ages 16 to 80 have told me they loved it. "Love's Last Mystery," concerning a married couple on their second honeymoon at the Italian Riviera (where the wife goes missing) is also on Amazon. I edit my formal writing multiple times before I let anyone see it, which--to me--is the key to a great manuscript (after great writing). On this site I just bang them out with minimal editing. Nothing serious. I am glad to say that I have gotten some feedback lately, which I appreciate too. After all, we write for attention! I always look up anyone who likes my story or follows me, and usually read something (unless I wouldn't know where to start on a critique), and comment. But I don't like first person pov (few can do it right) and so don't read it. Nor do I read stories in serial form.