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A journalist. A galavantress. An explorer. And a loving sharer of Christ. Ordinarily a fair skinned woman with scarlet and violet locks of hair, she goes where no other dares or can venture, spreading the Gospel wherever God leads her. As a fly on the wall, Ranya tells the stories she sees through times and space and realities, sharing them with those who don't know how to be the fly on the wall, but wish they could be. These stories are provided for you here, each with an individual purpose in a larger scheme, and it is all for God's glory. She caught "Alone No Longer" as a beetle next to K'Iorlo's campfire from the year 3010 AD so the story he had could be shared with those who would otherwise have never known. And "Steel in Our Hand" Ranya caught from word-of-mouth before she went and saw it for herself. And the stories of "Elize Pena, Author" and "Once Home is Lost" are stories Ranya found when travelling abroad, and the heartbreak and sweetness of both warmed her heart to tell their yet-to-be-told stories. Many more stories are sitting in the waiting room, anticipating being told, but Ranya, the inter-dimensional, time-defying, space-travelling, shape-shifting, fly-on-the-wall journalist will share them all to the best of her ability and to the honor and memory of those who cannot share their story, as well as to glorify the Lord. Side note: Recent evidence has shown that not all Ranya's stories are accurate and therefore some have been taken down for revision or altogether discarding. Such inaccurate stories were "Saved at a Cost", "Two Sides", "Until Rebellion is Crushed", "In the Face of Hope", and possibly "Steel in Our Hand". When they have been revised or discarded, they will reappear or be replaced as prompts allow. Ranya apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.