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New kid on the block here: Voracious Reader, Film Connoisseur, Music Sampler, Discussion Seeker, Tech Enthusiast, Programmer, Existential Philosopher, Another Human. [Currently on a writing spree because I'm on a brief sabbatical. Got into the mood & taking this time to explore writing creativity. Soon, I will get busy, Life & shit will happen. Then it becomes difficult to find time to write.] Most of my writing is at the intersection of existentialism, dark humor, farcical comedy-of-errors, social/political/religious satire, some element of the macabre or grotesque existential horror. That's my "natural default setting" as David Foster Wallace would say. I am attempting to extricate myself out of this self-imposed pigeon-hole, broaden my horizons, and write on positive happy stuff, like Romance, and feel-good stories. But I also think Sharp Satire is what I do best. Most of my writing is also quite verbose, heavy on description, weak on dialogues. This is another area I need to improve on, especially if its to be appreciated by a wider audience. You will also find my writing is maybe not "structured" as per conventional literature standards, and also densely peppered with pop-culture references, computer science or basic science references, political/religious/social references, recursive layers of jokes: almost like a typed equivalent of "Arrested Development" (pretty much one of my favorite shows of all time). WordPress: https://arbitraryimpermanence.wordpress.com/ Medium: https://medium.com/@42istheAns First short-story I wrote in Dec-2013 as part of an Anthology of stories, as part of a book-club in Mumbai, India: https://bookhadwrites.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/the-unforgiven-a-discordant-symphony-in-seven-movements/ Copyright © 2021/2022 Rajiv Iyer - All Rights Reserved. Using content without written permission is prohibited.