Rachel Kroninger

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Heya, I’m Rachel :)! By day I’m… well- asleep, because I work third shift as a heavy machinery operator... but by night, my creative juices are flowing. I love to cook (but more-so to eat); when I’m not eating, you’ll find me at gym so I can inevitably eat more. Oh, and two phrases I live my life by: “if you can hear yourself, the music isn’t loud enough,” and, “why be normal?¿” I’ve always enjoyed writing poems and fictional pieces throughout my school years, but sadly drifted away from it once “adulting” took over. A recent conversation piqued my interest once again, and I’m now hoping to hone in my skills and quite potentially contribute/publish to the amazing world of creative writing out there. Any feedback, collaborations, and constructive criticism is always appreciated and welcomed. P.S. It’s great to virtually meet you, and I’d love to hear your story that lead you to writing :P!