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😎😊😜𝓗Ⓔⓛlό!!! 😃😆✌👌😜 Suhani, who got the idea from Keya M. gave me this idea so put it in your bio if you support it! This isn't okay. Aerin has been downvoted 29,000 something points. She has gone from 1st place on the leaderboard to not even in the top 100. I'm in shock. Downvoter, whoever you are, why spend hours downvoting someone? Maybe instead, work on your writing skills instead of trying to bring others down. Do you have nothing better to do? Please go upvote Aerin and try to get her points back up! Downvoter, please stop, I don't know what you think you're achieving by doing this. OHMAHGOD STOP DOWNVOTING!! Please stop downvoting!!!!! NO DOWNVOTING!! I DO NOT APPRECIATE DOWNVOTING! STAWWWPPPP!!!! Please check out one of my favorite authors and best friends Suhani! I am following her so be sure to check out her stories ( P.S she loves writing dystopias)