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I am Mr. Prince De-Grant Brempong born on the 7th July,1983. My father happens to be Mr. Victor Brempong a Contractor. My mother happens to be Mrs. Victoria Brempong a Dentist.I attended Grace Preparatory and J.S.S. I later enrolled at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School where I pursued Science. Again I enrolled at Central University where I pursued BSc. Admin.Accounting-option. I again enrolled with the World Bible School from Austin Texas, USA where I earned a certificate. I also pursued other courses in Finance with the Ghana Stock Exchange. I also pursued courses in Insurance with the Ghana Insurance College. Lastly I took part in courses with the World Bank Institute that earned me a certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition I pursued other courses with the Management Skills courses online that earned me a certificate. I also pursued other courses in Creative Writing that earned me a certificate. I like cooking, reading, swimming and playing table tennis. I work with Allianz Insurance and also Auction Export with the Auction of cars. You can visit / to learn more about the company. During my leisure time , I do write books.Some of my books are Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility, Fundamentals about the Computer , Wise words to keep in mind, Gulliver's Travel and several others. My contacts: Tel.2330575086991/ Tel.2330545467826