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CURRENTLY INACTIVE I don‚Äôt think anyone is paying much attention to me, but I hope to be back in the summer when I have more time to write. Hello! I'm just here, writing dumb stories. If you can, try reading one of mine someday! I try to make them as good as they can be! :D (Also, if you're stuck on writer‚Äôs block, take a tip from me; keep writing! Even if it‚Äôs terrible, it‚Äôs better to write than worry about if it‚Äôs good or not!) Pronouns are she/them. (Warning; my bio is kind of long, and the first paragraph pretty much sums up everything pretty quickly. If you'd like to keep reading, beware of unimportant information and long filler paragraphs!) ūüŹ≥ÔłŹ‚ÄćūüĆąOkay, so Pride Month just ended, but I'LL STILL KEEP THE FLAGS UP!! Stay proud, all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals!ūüŹ≥ÔłŹ‚ÄćūüĆą I am a fantasy writer, and I am currently working on The Katapies Experiment (Katapies for efficiency). If you like the stories I write, go check out Mira Caplan's 'The Dragon Races'! It's really good and has so many installments! Also, this platform is super cheerful and welcoming, and I just wanted to thank everyone for being so supportive! I never realized how toxic other sites were until I entered Reedsy, haha. I know that there's a lot of inconsistency in my writing, and I'm so sorry for that!! I'm a super forgetful writer and often mess up names, powers, and internal consistency, so please bear with me! Okay, now that everything important's out of the way, I'll be talking a bit about myself! I really enjoy reading and writing (obviously, haha) and have been playing the violin for about eight years. I like to draw as well; it's a newer hobby I picked up about a year ago. I was born in February (Aquarius!), my favorite drink is bubble tea, I prefer dogs over cats, my favorite genres of music are lofi (when I'm working), classical (when I'm relaxing), and pop/indie/WHATEVER IT'S CALLED (for most occasions). I also really like anime and animated television. Recommendations! You can skip this part if you'd like, it doesn't add too much importance to my bio. Music recommendations (with vocals) would probably be 'Honey Lavender' and 'President Perfect', I've been obsessed with both ever since I first heard them. I feel like nobody on here really listens to classical music, but Brahms Violin Concerto, Last Rose of Summer, and Serenade for Strings (Tchaikovsky) are all wonderfully composed and written. Show recommendations are 'My Hero Academia' and 'The Owl House'. They both have intriguing plots and characters, as well as great visuals. My favorite genres of books are fantasy/urban fantasy, sci-fi, and LGBTQIA+ (wholesome ones preferred). Even though these are what I like to read, I'll pretty much read anything as long as it's interesting and well-written!! Y'ALL ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you everyone for 300 karma points!!! For some reason I feel like I got to Reedsy late, and I feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff. For one, I'm not sure why people downvote people's comments, it just seems really petty and overdramatic, you know? For another, I wish I'd been here to see a bigger part of the community. Totally wish I'd found this website sooner. ...And I guess that's all I'm comfortable with sharing. I'd go over more, but this bio is getting too long to look at and I don't think anyone will really get this far. Thanks for reading my unorganized bio (if you got here) and keep writing!