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Note: This bio will change pretty regularly, so if you see something different it's completely normal. (Well, me changing it will be completely normal, the thing I change or add in will probably be some weird fact about me) Hi!! I am a young teen writer who loves diving into adventure. I also do a LOT of art and crafting. I'm a total bookworm at heart and always enjoy a good story. I'm always open to feedback on my work and will try to check out yours if you ask. :) Some of my favorite authors are: Stuart Gibbs, Jennifer A. Neilsen, Ally Carter, Nadine Brandes, And the list goes on and on. theses are just a few select authors that I'm really into right now. My favorite movies: Anything Avengers and/or Marvel, Enola Holmes (only on Netflix), Spider-man homecoming, Favorite music artists: TobyMac, Francesca Battistelli. Danny Gokey, Casting Crowns, Taylor Swift, One direction, (I listen to a lot of music) My favorite books (I'm wondering if this should have come after authors): Spy School, by Stuart Gibbs, Not If I Save You First, by Ally Carter, The False Prince, by Jennifer A. Neilsen, Fawkes, by Nadine Brandes, Into the lamp, by Issabelle Perry (Just a note, this book is something I'm beta reading for a friend and there's no guarantee it will be published, so it's not technically a book YET, but it's really good and I wanted to put it up) Random things about me: I like art, dancing, reading, playing with animals, being outdoors, playing the piano, and obviously writing. I'm also a Christian. :) Reedsy authors I recommend: Inkstained Introvert, Lata B, Zea Bowmen, Leilani Lindley, Kate Reynolds, Elizabeth Crabtree, Noelle Bradley, Zelda Lacombe, Maya W. Hafsa Aboubakr, Kathy Allen, Dakota Meyer, Leo Greer, Saniya Khakwany, (I do want to say THIS IS NOT IN ORDER OF WHO I LIKE BEST OR LEAST IN ANY WAY) I hope that your writing is going well and that you are enjoying your writing adventure. :) The best of luck to you!!