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Hello and welcome. The name's Paul Besancon, and I'm a writer who tends to focus on fantasy and dark fantasy. My goal as a writer is simply to entertain. Sure, my novels may have a message or point here and there, but there is a vast difference between a story with an agenda behind it and an agenda with a story behind it; I strive to avoid the latter. I'm not here to change the world, preach to the masses or push some sociopolitical agenda. I just want to put a smile on your face or a tear in your eye, depending on how we're feeling that day. My second novel, "Into the Mind of Pennywell: Plight of the Fallen" (available here: is out for reading! This is the first in my "The Grand Experiment" series involving demonic forces entangled in the world of humankind. The two sequels are already written and currently in the editing phase. So give it a look! If you're into entertainment for entertainment's sake, take a gander at my free short stories in "The Grand Experiment" collection on my company website, '' Contact me on social media and hopefully I can bring you a bit of an escape from your tough day. There's nothing more powerful than stories—for they outlive us all.

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