Patty Wonderly

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Author bio

Patty Renfro-Wonderly enjoyed twenty-five years teaching fifth-grade gifted students before she retired. During her tenure, she was a mentor, curriculum writer and reviewer, conducted numerous in-services and trainings, and organized special events for the school district. She has written several one-act plays produced for local theater in Bakersfield, California. Her play “So Damned Heavenly Bound” was produced in Hollywood at The Elephant Theater in 2008. She is a founding member of “The Random Writers Workshop”, taught writing workshops and participated in critique groups while she learned the craft of creative writing. When not working on her stories at her small Ikea desk in her home library, she enjoys reading, painting, and hiking the easy trails of the Pacific Northwest with her husband Peter and two small terriers, Tory and Zoey. They sometimes take tortoiseshell cat Fiona with them on hikes in her specially designed backpack. Patty Renfro-Wonderly has become increasingly politically active in recent years and their move to Vancouver, Washington allows her to attend activities easily. She loves to go to the latest movies, read the latest books, and is active volunteering with the local theater as props manager. She is a Ravenclaw, a Doctor WHO fan, and loves to cosplay when attending Rose City Comic Con.