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I've written poems, many of which were printed in anthologies. A few of them have earned Honorable Mention ("This is the Doorway", "Des Ami:" and "Golden Foliage": Iliad Press; The National Authors Registry), Fourth Place("This is the Doorway,"), and one President's Award for Literary Excellence("This is the Doorway"). I've written unpublished short stories that I'm currently revising. Education in Creative Writing is ongoing to achieve excellence in all writings: essay, articles, short story, and poetry. I have written a collection of short stories featuring my creation Edgar Nikephoros Huntinger, a private investigator. He has a prosthetic foot, and he is trained to use it in self-defense. He does not carry a gun. He specializes in challenging unusual cases, and he is sympathetic to the victims and the unfortunate members of society. I have completed an unpublished book of poetry, that I periodically check for revision and addition.