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G'day me dearies! My name is Nora, and I happen to be an Australian. No I do not refer to everyone as 'Mate' (unless its a child or close friend) nor do I adopt Australian colliqualism frequently. However, I do consider Australia my homeland, and love to write stories that add that human touch to our otherwise (seemingly) elusive country. Quick fire: -No, we do not have 'shrimp on the barbie", they're actually called prawns... PRAWNS!!!! -Secondly, no, the desert is not five minutes from our house (the things Peppa pig teaches us). -And finally, (deeeeeeep inhale), no, I do not ride a kangaroo. -I detest Vegemite with an unparrallelled passion. -I have NEVER encountered a deadly animal on my trips 'round the country... AND I DO NOT SURF SHEEESH XD I hope to give you a snippet of this nation for what it is, a home to thousands of individuals, each on their own unique journey. Last thing mates; Apparently downvoting exists. And to the downvoters, I feel sad. If it is involvement you wish for, nothing is preventing you from contributing :) Type, one word at a time. Gradually you form sentences. Paragraphs. An entire fabric of a complex story. If it is envy, remind yourself that the skill you witness from your fellows is talent you see worthy. And so hone your talent, and share your work. Though downvoting may give you the sadistic satisfaction of quashing 'competition.' I want you to ask yourself. In doing such action, are you becoming the person you sincerely wish to become? For history has merely coughed up the mere actuality, that such characteristics produce people who end up in 'the dustbin of history.' If anyone knows where that reference comes from, yes I am a history buff :D Take care dear reeders!