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Brilliant, outgoing, vivacious, pretty and charming; are all words I would love people to describe me as; while I lounge in my pyjamas and binge-read my weekends away.  Since I'm a Believer, a feminist, an engineer and raised in the Middle East - to me, identity is a fluid concept. Who I am at any moment will depend entirely on my circumstances. This is a balancing act - one I am yet to navigate seamlessly - resulting in unintended confrontations and subsequent breakdowns that involve copious amounts of caffeine. I have a height complex and therefore prefer heels at any time of the day; the higher, the better. I am always up for discussions on feminism, religion and governance and have been told I'm most at home when I'm holding a mic. My career trajectory is an exercise in meandering. My degree is in chemical engineering, but I have worked as a recruiter, handling operations, as a soft skills trainer, as an emcee and in website development before finally finding my calling in client relations. In 2 years of working, I have had 4 full-time jobs in three vastly different industries and 3 completely incompatible job profiles. As a 20+ individual (intentionally) living with my parents, I have a lot of angst pent up. Writing is part venting and mostly just attempts at making people laugh.