Natalie Laharnar

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Author bio

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, I have been writing long-form fiction for several decades. My manuscripts for fiction works The Empty Man (satire) and The Fractured Woman (mystery) have been read by a few family members, friends and, accidentally, some people I've never met. They have all taken something away from them and encouraged me with their enthusiasm for my writing and words of support. I am currently working on a trilogy of funny spiritual fiction in a series called The Inner Child. Having always been drawn more to long-form writing, my collection of short stories is small (all based on the theme of chocolate). This is the first time I have shared short stories with an audience. In fact, despite all the years of writing, it is the first time I have shared any of my writing publicly. It hasn't been for want of trying. I am an expert on rejection letters. One small Australian publisher told me The Empty Man wasn't 'extraordinary enough'. Strangely, that has helped fuel me all these years. Hopefully, I will be able to share my long-form fiction with a broad audience in the not-too-distant future when I plan to self-publish my first two works. I have already worked with an editor I discovered on Reedsy on The Fractured Woman, which has definitely brought me a step closer to realising my dreams. It's good to be here among so many writers. Good luck to you in your writing goals however big or small they may be!