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"Writing fiction, whether a short story or full novel, allows for an opportunity to create a world far superior to actual day to day reality. As I write, I can manifest the magic, miracles and joy often overlooked as we navigate and accept the mundane". ... Myranda Marie Randi Dalfonzo prefers to write under the name Myranda Marie to avoid being once again mistaken for a guy. She lives with her husband, son, dog and two cats in Central Florida, but is originally from New Jersey, which explains the evident attitude is some of her work. Writing has been her passion since the early 1980’s when she became a prolific poetry writer specializing in dramatic teen angst; well at least they rhymed. Now older and hopefully wiser, Randi has submitted her first novel to publish and devotes her days to her family, cooking, painting and of course writing. Her greatest dream is for people to read and love her work, and hopefully get a shot at turning her novels into mini-series' or movies. Her first piece, Ordinary Heroes, currently poised for publication will soon be followed by its sequel, Extraordinary Humans. Her third novel in progress, Away with the Fae is an otherworldly contrast to her first works with characters that are far from ordinary.