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Name: Mint Age: 13 :,) Gender: girl Fav food: Pizza, sushi, noodles, rice... Fav color: Yellow, pastel yellow, sunny yellow, dark yellow. About me: I'm in love with thrillers, if you know a story or book with that genre, tell me! LGBBTQ+ is also a genre I love, I've read already a lot of books and my dream is to be a real author. It's weird to see a 13 years old girl writing already, but it's just a begin. I'm only trying. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome, only if it isn't rude. Btw I'm Dutch, so IF I'm writing stories in English, it can be full with wing things. :c Books I read: -Harry Potter -Warrior Cats -Tell me 3 things -Escape room -Narnia -H@ck -Robin Hood -Moby Dick -Test. (Dutch) -School party (Dutch) -And a lot more Fav singers/songs: -Miroh (K-pop) -Back door (K-pop) -Voices (K-pop) -My pace (K-pop) -God menu (K-pop) -All in (K-pop) -Victory song (K-pop) -Dynamite (K-pop) -Gasoline (Halsey) -Control (Halsey) -Hush (Aviva) -Animals (Maroon 5) -Memories (Maroon 5) -Cradles (Sub Urban; I guess) -Freak (Sub Urban) -Dancing (Forgot singer) -And a lot more. Extra: I love cats, hamsters, mice and snakes. Like you saw, I listen a lot of K-pop. I guess it's the end. I mean I don't have much to tell about me, so... yeah. ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ―