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I can't stop writing or teaching writing. It started in elementary school, when I decided I wanted to be a newspaper reporter. It continued in high school, where I was sports editor of the yearbook and had my first bad experience with an editor, when I wrote a review of our football team, which had a lousy season. When the yearbook came out, I discovered that the faculty advisor added a statement that the student body was responsible, for not supporting the team. His final addition was the crusher: "Ask not what your team can do for you; ask what you can do for the team." I survived, wrote for my college paper, then taught for three years. I enrolled in a journalism course at night and remembered, in the middle of a class, that I had always wanted to be a newspaper reporter. So I became one, I loved it, but 10 years was enough, so I spent the next 30 years teaching writing at a community college. I loved that, too. Since retirment, I've been writing fiction and love that. However, at 75, I still don;t know what I want to be if I grow up.