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Heyaa... Friends... Its me Meghma I prefer to be myself, not any K-Pop Idol or any celebrity. I have been writing stories in my secret diary for a long time... But I didn't think of publishing or making my articles publically available for other people to read. But this website has changed my concept about not publishing my articles. I love writing and reading romance stories... so you will find a lot of romance based stories in my account. Andddd....... I would love to thank the website makers and all of you guys who had supported me by liking my stories, commenting on my weakness, and by following me... Now in this paragraph I'm really not joking, if you follow me, you are sure to get a follow back : sooner or later. Btw wish me my birthday in any of my story's comment box on 5th of July. Stay safe and Healthy. All the best in your writing quest. Email-