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Writing and storytelling have been passions for me since my earliest memories. I find inspiration in just about everything in life, from my own experiences and music to nature elements to people- watching. My best ideas come right when I am falling asleep, driving, or getting ready for the day (still haven't figured out how to keep a notebook dry in the shower). I write my drafts old-school, with pen on actual paper, then transpose them to electronic copies. An Empty Nester, I also enjoy traveling, amateur photography, scrapbooking, and--more than anything, spending time with friends & family, particularly my grandchildren. Thank you for taking the time to read my stories. Please do leave a comment--I believe that receiving feedback, both positive and constructive, is how we grow as writers. I appreciate your contributions toward my ongoing growth as a writer! Looking forward to reading your stories and getting to know you better, as well.

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