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Manmohan Sadana is a retired Joint Director General from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Over his 30-year career, he promoted India across the world. His wanderlust has taken him to over 200 cities in 40 countries. As a part of his official assignments, he spent about 10 years living in France, Sweden, and Japan and the remaining period in various states of India. His promotions of India as a Tourist Destination resulted in his receiving the following coveted awards:  Award for Best Marketing Professional from South Korean Government from the Mayor of Busan  Award for Best Tourism Professional from Japanese Association of Travel Agents in Tokyo  Award for Best Marketing Professional from Indian Association of Tour Operators in New Delhi Post retirement from Government of india, he is kindling his love for Persian as a student at St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi and plays the mandolin as a disciple of Ustad Hamid Hussain Khan. Two years back, he even joined the Faber Academy in U.K. to polish his writing skills. This resulted in his writing the novella, “Healing Strings”. The novella was well appreciated by the Government of Japan, and they launched it on April 13th, 2022, as part of their Celebration of 70th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Indian and Japan. The author was even bestowed the “Certificate of Appreciation” by the Kerala Travel Mart Society in Kochi on May 8th, 2022, as they felt this work was an excellent Tourism Fiction. It is worth observing that amidst Manmohan Sadana’s tenure in Japan from 2008 to 2011, the country was hit by one of the worst Earthquakes and Tsunamis in recorded history. During his stay there he developed love for the mandolin and his teacher was Mrs Michiko Kataoka, who had herself studied the mandolin under the renowned mandolinist Mr. Kinuko Hiruma in Tokyo. While promoting the “Incredible India” brand in Japan as Regional Director, India Tourism Tokyo, he fell in love with Japanese heritage and culture. The influence was such that it germinated into a novella titled, “Healing Strings”. This novel depicts how music can bring two individuals, two communities, two nations and even planets closer to each other. Such work of art can even promote tourism between different nations. It is not surprising that Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, Government of India in his review of this novel states, “Creativity at its best! Truly captivating.” Succinctly, this novella is a fictional account of Raj, an Indian expat’s experience in that harrowing time, when the earthquake of 9 Richter scale struck Japan. Raj is a patient of Takayasu Arthritis, an incurable disease in which the blood vessels develop blockages which can burst at any moment. Raj has nine such aneurysms all over his body. The Japanese Doctors are trying their best to prevent them for bursting. Much like scientists in Fukushima trying hard to prevent the nuclear reactors from exploding. Out for a random stroll, an antique Mandolin catches his eye. He ends up buying the instrument, hoping to learn how to play it. This item on his bucket list, takes him to the threshold of an elderly Japanese musician. She hesitantly takes him under fold. She speaks Japanese, of which Raj does not understand a word. But the Music and Mandolin become the tools of their communication. Transcending language and cultural barriers, a rare friendship develop between the two. Where modern medicine fail, Music therapy does wonders. As the toxic elements emitted by the Nuclear Reactors subside, so do the aneurysms in Raj’s body. The will to survive and make new beginnings asserts itself, amongst the Japanese and Raj. Living with his wife, two children and a beagle in New Delhi, Manmohan Sadana is presently working on his new compilation of short stories titled “Thirteen” and a book titled “Tourism Marketing in India”. He hopes to complete both these projects within a year. He admits that at this phase of life he misses acting in plays. Some of the key roles he played in some productions are that of Alibaba in “Alibaba and the Forty Thieves”, Mr. Bumble in “Oliver Twist” and Shylock in “The Merchant of Venice”. On being asked what his philosophy of life is, he mentioned, “Life is a journey and the world a continuous Cinerama and what we learn in life is on account of our Hindsight- Insight- Foresight.” Manmohan Sadana believes in Sufism and his favourite poets are Bulleh Shah, Maulana Rumi and Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj. In the field of sports, he is a cricket addict, while during his free time he sees Bollywood films. To the youngsters, my advice is “One should ‘Write’! ‘Write’! and ‘Write’! It should begin with a child writing the letter ‘A’ and end with an octogenarian writing one’s own epitaph in advance.” Happy Writing to one and all!