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happy pride month :D Hey!! Go read my friend’s story and leave a comment :) *** An introduction to some of my relatively well-written stories with the links if you're lazy (so that you don't read the ones I consider not so good, though you're welcome to click on anything): 1. Storm Before Calm - - My most liked story, based on a prompt I thought would be a horror to complete but turned into something pretty beautiful in my opinion 2. The Strategist - - Pretty proud of this, one of the first stories I've ever written, with an actual working plot and characters that I love 3. Will You Grieve Me When I’m Gone? - - The absolute sadness I felt while writing this, it's a alternate universe (kinda) of 'The Strategist', where there are different characters but a similar situation with a different ending. Read this after strategist to ruin the wholesome ending it's been given and dissolve it in angst :) 4. Luminous - - Don't know how to describe this one, a little bit of friendship and a little bit of love, mixed bunch of emotions with a hopeful ending 5. Falling, or Alternately, Being Pushed - - Cute love story, pure fluff for my indulgence *** Just another procrastinating teenager. I've been writing poems for years, recently got into short stories, and I'm enjoying it so much. Writing is beautiful, and frankly, I can't stop myself from doing it. I love feedback of any kind, so whenever you read a story of mine, please try to leave a comment. I appreciate knowing where to improve and which of my stories are good. C'mon guys, gimme some notifications. If you want me to read one of your stories, feel free to ask in a comment, I'm always open to reading others' works. Don't really care much for the upvoting downvoting discussions happening, the website's a website for writing and feedback, that's all I came here to do :) Happy reading and writing, guys! *** Timeline of Reedsy Milestones First Story: 6th Nov, 2020 Fifth Story: 4th Dec, 2020 100 karma pts: 17th Dec, 2020 Tenth Story: 15th Jan, 2021 200 karma pts: 30th Jan, 2021 300 karma pts: 19th Mar, 2021