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My name is Madalyn, and I am a graduate student studying Ecology. I have had a passion for creative writing since a young age, but went on a hiatus in my 20's as I started focusing very heavily on my education. I think my years of scientific writing have given me an appreciation for the type of literature that allows you to feel rather than learn. Writing is my therapy. I'm in the process now of coming out of this hibernation, exercising this part of my brain which I left unattended for far too long. My goal is to write a new story every week (although I'm sure I will miss a few). I would love to hear your feedback on my work. I tend to thrive with criticism, and genuinely just want to strive for better writing, all while having fun in the process. When I'm not writing, I am typically practicing yoga or going for a hike with my husband and puppy. I love travel and good food and conversations with genuine friends.

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