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*I have NOT abandoned Reedsy! I am taking writing classes! It's so exciting. At present I'm doing a 30 day writing challenge. Poetry seems to be what is on my mind most. I'll be back :) I understand some of my stories have punctuation and grammatical errors... I am learning as I go. Let's just say when I was in school grammar wasn't a big priority* I'm a bit older than your average writer just finding their writing mojo. I suppose age made it easier to find balance in my personal life. Now I can write for my own enjoyment. I write some of my lighthearted stories for my own mom. It's fun to see if I can come up with a story she'll enjoy. Reedsy provided the catalyst for my first ever story written simply to make me happy. My husband and 2 adult children, (all of whom write) introduced me to Reedsy and encouraged me to try my hand. Normally I write free verse poetry therefore, writing short stories is a unique experience. I thank my family, Reedsy and I thank all of you for taking the time to read my writing. You'll note 5 evolving storylines. The Repairman stories, the Bob and Lillian romance turned mystery stories, Galene, Henri and Juliette, and Tomasso and Esperanza