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💛 Hi, my name is Lizzie. Nice to meet you. I am a beginner on this site and I hope to make friends soon. I like Hamilton, cats, and writing/reading. I live in Georgia. :> I follow back so make sure to follow me if ya want another follower🦔 Everyone is so kind on this site! I want to thank all of my followers but I’m too lazy to write all of their names I try to write every competition but some prompts just don’t speak to me. Sorry to disappoint luvs❤️ Aerin B. 🌈 has been super nice so check her out if you havent already Sorry Ive been gone for so long! School has been really chaotic ~Anything you can imagine~ ~You can create~ Here is a free lemon:🍋 I made lemon cake with it, wanna taste?: 🍰 👁👄👁 sorry that was weird We made 241 karma points! Thx guys!