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Hello, folks I am a brand new writer looking to lay a foundation to one day live my dream of becoming a full-time, bestselling author. My stories are often inspired by my personal experiences and the lessons that I have and am still learning through this life. This is purely for fun. Participating in the competition every week also serves to sharpen my skills and remove any blocks that have ruled my life for years in the recent past. I am a single mom of twins and do my best to squeeze in a story with one or more reflective lessons for my readers to ponder upon. I really hope you enjoy my stories! They come from a place of deep emotional rawness and real-life lessons that did not come easy. Also, I have a relatively new blog that you can check out at: https://ellesincredibleinsights.blogspot.com/ This work has been on pause for a while. New lessons are still being learned which will make up the content of the new blog post that I'm currently working on right now (slow process). Please feel free to check it out!!! To a promising future of possibility!!!!