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Hello, I'm Lainey! (pronounced Lay-nee) I am an ambivert, a cross between an introvert and an extrovert. I love music 🎧, but don't be fooled! I may be dangerously obsessed with Disney films and Broadway, but singing and writing music are not in my range of talents. 🎼 I love creating things with my hands. I've found I learn best when working hands-on and collaboratively. 🎨 I know a bit of American Sign Language and love it 🫶 My favorite genre to read is HANDS DOWN dystopian dramas (where are my Divergent fans???) 📚 Moving to writing, I love it, but my style is all over the place. I try to find a specific way of writing, but I usually end up being influenced by what I read. 📝 That's pretty much me in a nutshell, but the best quality about me is that I can understand two sides of an argument. I'm able to count the pros and cons to each side. Naturally, this makes decision making difficult, however, my overthinking anxiety usually plays a part in that. Make it a great day! (you've got limited time on earth: live the way you want to!)