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we count our firsts of each year count the first of each day and you’ll find yourself loving every action just a bit more. Thank you SO much to Krishi Norris for reviewing my story, "The Dollmaker" with SUCH high praise!!! It made my day, week, month, year, and decade T-T :D Please check out her account on Reedsy! Here's the link to her kind review! Thank you to Avani Gupta for being my first friend on Reedsy and being so funny, B. W. for being imaginative and full of creativity, Batool Hussain for being a kind inspiration, Kylie (Crystal) for being a supportive angel, Zilla Babbitt for being a constant source of motivation and advice, Amaya M for being a poetic sweetheart, and Tiff (Lone Wolf) for being so open and contagiously enthusiastic!! Please check out their accounts and follow them if you haven't already~ Thank you all for 290 followers!~~ I can't believe I've come this far. It might not seem like a lot, but it feels like just yesterday I was so excited over my first follower :) Thank you all so much~ don’t look at the dust and cracks on the window panes look instead at the moonlight that dives through try to bring others down find yourself sinking faster than they are because you're the heavy weight pulling them lower and lower