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Kristie Lyn Deneault (Mahoney) started publishing at the age of ten with poetry and her passion for writing only grew from that point on, leading her to start a Creative Writing Club at her high school, report for and edit her high school and undergraduate newspaper and take just about every English course offered up to graduate school. She's been reviewed by HarperCollins for a short fiction piece entitled Finger-Painting which later was published in The Corner Club Press and has been the Chief Editor of SNHU's undergraduate literary journal for the last few years, leading to her dream of wanting to run one of her own someday. She finds inspiration in Edgar Allan Poe for her darker writing style, and loves to write horror and suspense as well as young adult. Her thesis, We the Freaks, is a linked short story collection about a carnival that lures the corrupted in society in and turns them into freaks to be put to work and put on display for their crimes--corrupting the corrupted.