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Hey, I'm Kris! Updated 5/18/21 Long time, no see! TL;DR I took a break bc I was going to do NaNo & then life got hectic with a move & new job so I'm trying to get back into a writing routine. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with a new short story, but if not, I’m (hopefully) busy working on my long-form projects! -- I'm pretty new to Reedsy- I've been struggling to write lately, and I thought writing for submission/contests would help me finally get some words on the page! I'm here because I'd like feedback to help me grow as a writer, so I welcome any feedback you want to throw at me! (please don't be mean just for the sake of it, though...) Apart from writing, I spend most of my time watching YouTube, reading, video editing, gaming, listening to KPop, & learning Korean. 배움을 멈추지 마라 🖤 My comments/feedback on others' stories are largely positive due to my lack of confidence in my own knowledge of writing craft, but if I *do* leave a positive comment, know that it's genuine, or else I wouldn't leave it! ^^