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Some of my favorite writers: Faulkner, Ken Kesey, Barry Hannah, Jules Verne, Somerset Maugham, Flannery O’Conor Norman Mailer, Herman Melville.... I believe that the novel, the short story, or any form of fiction, will last as long as humans. The only art where the observer has a hand in the creation! Indeed a big hand. Sometimes the reader uses real things, like houses, and implants them into the story. As a reader, I can never tell if I’m going to build a house seemingly independent from my experience, or am I going to use my uncle’s house. But if I do use his house, It’ll be one story and never again. It’s a piece of that story forever to me. Nothing will ever beat it, that sweet fiction.... Thanks to all the great writers here, and all those who make Reedsy happen!