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I love stories of all types and would love to share some of my own. Hopefully you find my stories entertaining. --- About me: I love superheroes, road trips, Christmas, singing, and feeling happy. ---------------------------------- Comments/feedback on my stories are much loved! ---------------------------------- And now for some TV recs because perfection is hard to find but these are it for me: - The Umbrella Academy Dysfunctional group of (adopted) siblings who happen to have super-powers. You will fall in love with them. I promise. + great soundtrack and visuals + time-travel + end-of-the-world!) - Avatar: The Last Airbender (Check my pfp... hint hint: it's Katara. Love Team Avatar!!!! PS: Do you have ships? Because I personally ship Kataang and Tokka-these two when they're older of course) Watch these. You will not regret it! Do it now. After your done writing, of course! Aaaand if you've seen them, I would love to talk! Literally just start a conversation because I can talk about these shows forever!