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I might not submit to Reedsy as often as I did - at least, probably not one a week from now on, as I'm working on my novel :) 14 🍁 Muslim If you're not sure about which story to read, please read 100%. It's the set-up for hopefully quite a big series, (possibly a novella?) and my personal favourite. Thanks! 🀍 I'm here to share my stories, to grow as a writer (constructive criticism is always welcome!), and to read and love other writers' stories (which are all so amazing I have no idea how you all do it! 🀩). Check out Annie Persson πŸ”₯ She's an amazing writer who doesn't submit her stories to the contests so she doesn't get any recognition. Her stories deserve to be read, so check her out! I can't resist shoving in an occasional reference to my favourite authors/books, so look out for references to Isaac Asimov (and works), Robert Heinlein ("), Agatha Christie, ("), basically classic crime and sci-fi. The references are mostly in character names. :) October, January